True Colors: A Showcase of Culture, History and Talent

Described as “a night of exploration of african american culture through performances, discussion, and appreciation” on a poster presented by Tabler Quad, True Colors promises to be interesting and relevant. It will take place in the Tabler Blackbox Theater on Monday, Feb. 16, around 8:30 PM.

True Colors
A flyer posted for “True Colors” inside Douglass College. Photo by Janelle Clausen.

It is particularly relevant, being presented during Black History Month and with race issues big in the news lately. It will feature historical discussion, poetry, singing and dancing, which could help anyone understand contemporary issues the African American community faces, its culture and see how far we as a society have come (and how far we have to go).

This event will allow us to use every medium. Strong lines are likely in song or poetry and could be tweeted. Someone could record each presentation, allowing for those absent to hear and see what they missed in segments. The space itself is somewhat small, but high quality cell phones could counter that.

There would certainly be enough diversity too. With each person, comes a different voice and a different perspective. Stories are about people and problems- this event has several. Attending this event would lead to endless possible features stories.

A photo of the Center for Arts, Culture and Humanities at night, where True Colors will take place. Photo by Janelle Clausen.
A photo of the Center for Arts, Culture and Humanities at night, where True Colors will take place. Photo by Janelle Clausen.

The time is good and bad. Many people need to head home or catch trains. But on the other hand, most people are unlikely to have classes at 8:30 at night (morning is clearly a different story).  The location may also seem out of the way and like a local thing, but Tabler Quad has a reputation as the Arts, Culture and Humanities College. A big example comes with Tablerstock, which had almost 20 musicians and over 400 people stopping in.

Overall, it seems like True Colors would be an event worth considering, what with its local appeal and symbolic significance.

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