NerdFest is a Go

2015-02-09 11_18_07-NerdFest2.0This Friday at 5:00 p.m., I plan on attending Stony Brook University Gamer’s Guild’s second annual NerdFest. The event will take place in the Student Activities Center Ballroom A, according to the club’s event post on Facebook.

This event is perfect for a mobile journalist to cover because a large amount of people will attend and it will be jam-packed with activities to take part. An event like this can attract all different types of people who all have different reasons to attend. There is also the opportunity for some attendees to be dressed in costume, which would make for great photos and videos.

I plan to do live reporting from NerdFest because it’s the type of event that people

photo credit by:
photo credit by:

have to attend to experience. Real time reporting of this event would allow the readers, or viewers in this case, to immerse themselves in the event as if they are actually there. There is also great opportunities for landing exciting interviews that I can either record visually or write about after the event is over.

Also, reporting from this type of event with a cell phone seems to be the most efficient way to doing things. There could be the potential for a lot of people to should up and carrying around a bulky DSLR camera could be problematic. A cell phone is easier to carry around large crowds and is less intimidating when recording to taking photos.

Events that replicate popular conventions, like ComicCon, tend to have a large following in the online world. Therefore, coverage of this event online will draw more attention than if it were to be covered in a local newspaper. If published online, coverage of NerdFest can go beyond the Stony Brook campus media and be read about and seen by others within the “nerd culture” across the country.

Screenshot of Gamer's Guild President Alice Quiros' announcement of the event
Screenshot of Gamer’s Guild President Alice Quiros’ announcement of the event

I look forward to this event and hope that it meets my expectations for some good reporting content.


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