Basketball Beat

This Wednesday, the Stony Brook Women’s Basketball team will take on UMBC Retrievers at the Island Federal Credit Union Arena at 7 p.m. With only six games remaining in the regular season, I figure it’s a great time to report on Stony Brook’s finest female full-court athletes. I will be doing mobile reporting at the game by using Twitter and Instagram to update my followers on the events of the game. Photos of the enthusiastic crowd will show off how passionate the Stony Brook students are for their hard-working athletes. Videos of prominent plays during the game will show how hard the players work. The dedication and effort the Seawolves put into their games is a perfect story to report on as it unfolds.

Photo credit: The Stony Brook Statesman (

Since a basketball game is constantly changing and the outcome is never known for sure, it’s a good story for mobile reporting. Someone following the game on Twitter can tune in to any tweet and look back to previous tweets to catch up on the game and stay tuned to look for updates. Mobile journalism is good for a story that requires constant updates, and a basketball game is constantly being updated.  Being at the game and reporting each big score change or play will create a sense of urgency to the story. Picture and videos of crucial game moments will help followers see all the hot action of the game and skip any boring timeouts or slowing of play. More importantly, all that’s needed for this report would be small chunks of score updates and plays. Once the tipoff hits, the basketball game is on the move. What better way to report on an event that’s always on the move than mobile reporting?


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