Your One Stop Blog Shop

A list of awesome blogs for everybody’s inner coffee driven, key board clacking, bloggess.

1. The Daily Beast 

The Daily Beast was a blog site that was introduced to me by my old journalism professor, Jonathan Sanders, aka, the jesus of journalism. So naturally when he suggested this website to his students we knew it was going to be good. And it is.

On the side of the webpage there is a list titled, “READ THIS LIST.” Fairly easy instructions, right? This list is updated through out the day with the top ten articles the Beast thinks people should be reading. Simple, accessible, and concise.

Front page stories normally are a single sentence headline dominated by it’s a large photo for the article. This makes the search for articles for fun; you’re not just looking through a black and white list of words but colorfully, lively photos.

On the side of the webpage there is a another panel titled, “Stories We Like.” This links to other blogs and websites with other interesting, funny or informative stories that the Beast writers and editors enjoyed. Little things like this really helps build a blogging community and makes the Daily Beast even more interactive.

2. BuzzFeed 

Okay, let’s be real for a second: nobody really knows what Buzzfeed is. I mean, other than an amazingly fantastic website filled with pizza gifs, Disney princess quizzes and a plethora of Jennifer Lawrence everything (JLaw I love you<3.) Buzzfeed covers too much ground on the internet to be just one thing, but on the list of things that Buzzfeed covers, blogging is defiantly in there somewhere.

Buzzfeed is great to go to because it draws teenagers/ a younger audience in with sparkly pictures of Nick Jonas abs and then hits you with the hard stuff while you’re already there, like news on the war in Ukraine or how Brain William accidentally forgot his helicopter wasn’t shot down by a missile (Oops.) And all these stories, from stupid to educational, are well reported and creditable. Buzzfeed is becoming more and more like a place to get actual news mixed with humorous content. And all of their articles are updated continuously, keeping readers on their toes.

The style of Buzzfeed is very relaxed, like most of the kids reading it who are usually lounging on their beds eating pizza in their underwear. And this draws views in: it’s stupid humor thats well mixed with useful information, not just in-your-face hard facts.

3. The Huffington Post

The Huffington Post is another good blog example because it features a lot of different, specific topics.

On the Post’s homepage there are tabs to blogs like LGBT news, Black voices, Latina voices, Dr. Phil and whatever GPS for the soul is. The blog ranges across many different subjects and topics, and goes in depth on every blog with subcategories in each blog option to future guide reading.

While the interface of the blog is not as eye catchy as the Daily Beast or Buzzfeed, the simplicity of the blogs layout is beneficial because you wont get lost in a sea of photos or videos.


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