Three sites for sports fans



The greatest strength of Fansided is its variety. There are a lot of writers who write in the network and anybody can write for them, after applying and getting approved. So that brings a lot of different types of writers who in turn bring a lot of variety to each particular site.

They play to the strength by being generally open to having quality writers on the staff. They allow anybody to apply, really, but there are requirements that have to be met when it comes to number of posts per month. Other than that, it’s pretty open which brings a good mosh pit of articles.

This blog reaches out to different people because each site is fixated on one particular team/area of the country. This brings a lot of fans to the sites because they only want to read about their team or their city. They don’t care about what is going on in Topeka, Kansas if they live in Buffalo, NY.



The greatest strength of the SB Nation blog is its quality. Since there are less writers on each staff, there is not as much variety but the content is generally better. Unlike Fansided, SB Nation goes more for quality than they do quantity.

You have to be recommended, which makes the quality of this content better. There is no open application like there is with Fansided, so that makes it a little more popular because the quality is generally better.

Same with Fansided, there are different sites for different teams on this network. That means fans of these teams can easily go to these sites for articles on their team only, and are tailored to their fans for more personalized coverage.



The greatest strength of Deadspin is its obscurity. People turn to it for its stories that are out there and that are not normally on a big sports site or even on teams’ blogs. Deadspin takes the funnier stories of the internet and puts them up, giving readers a distraction from the stress of their work day.

They acquire this blog by hiring a special type of journalist. These aren’t the journalists who have a nose for hard news. These writers are the ones who want to find the more fun side of journalism and use these articles to their advantage.

This blog has become a household name in a lot of people’s minds. You will hear people saying “Oh I saw it on deadspin” at the water cooler in the mornings. People love seeing the obscure or the funnier stories because it takes them away from the headaches that the work day can cause, which is how this blog (along with the “news site” The Onion) have gained popularity so quickly.


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