Three Nintendo Video Game Blogs Worth Noting


  1. Nintendo News

This blog is about all News that is Nintendo related, and is run by Kevin McMinn and Shawn Taylor. The blog follows everything that Nintendo Company does notifying its readers about upcoming release dates, rumors, events, and just interesting stories regarding Nintendo Games, and it has been doing so sense it launched on June 29th 2013.

The sites clean look allows for ease of navigation as well as keeping posts in order, allow users to find posts by date, and even by author. The blog also has 7 contributors that scour the Internet looking for the biggest and most important Nintendo News.


Example Post:

  1. amiibo inquirer

Unlike Nintendo News, amiibo inquirer aims their focus at a different kind of Nintendo fan and that’s amiibo collectors. The blogs slogan “Your Information Source For All Things Amiibo” accurately describes the sites goal of delivering its readers news specifically about Nintendo’s amiibo figures. The blog covers everything from new announcement, rumors, leaks, release dates, and even some stories from amiibo fans about their trips obtaining these amiibo. The blog is fairly new having started in October 2014, just before Nintendo’s first amiibo line launched on November 21st 2014, the blog is run by Vince and Jason

The site like Nintendo News has a clean look and allows for ease of navigation, however none of the posts mention the author, nor are the post dates as prevalent as they are on Nintendo News. The blog does however have connections and pages on both twitter and Facebook so that readers can get their amiibo news in a multitude of ways.


Example Post:

3. NintendoFuse

Similar to that of Nintendo News, NintendoFuse casts a wider net generically covering anything, and everything that happens to be Nintendo related. From new releases to announcements, and even stories about singer Katy Perry using a Nintendo Wii remote strap for her microphone during her super bowl halftime show, NintendoFuse covers it all. The site unlike Nintendo News also does reviews of upcoming games, as well as cover old Nintendo systems that Nintendo News doesn’t cover like the DS and Wii.

The blog has a clean look to it, and is easy to navigate. It uses a lot of pictures to grab the readers the attention as well as a scrolling bar, which shows the most important top stories. NintendoFuse also has connections on both twitter and Facebook allowing readers to get their information that way as well. Unlike the other two blogs however, NintendoFuse has an about the author section at the end of every post. NintendoFuse also offers a podcast and it goes back to around 2008, making it the oldest of the 3.


Example Post:


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