The Political Round Up – Three Blogs Worth Checking

To some people, there is only one thing worse than those nagging, pesky journalists and their conflict-seeking ways: politics and the people who practice them. If you are one of those pessimistic people, click away now.

If you are not, here are three somewhat political, newsy blogs (out of countless) that have caught my attention:

1) Think Progress -Think Progress is a haven for those who lean left politically. Although it describes itself as unbiased and has a long list of journalistic staff, the site (named “Best Liberal Blog” in 2006) attracts many with views generally characterized as progressive as the comments (accessible with or without a Facebook) will show. Like Fox News and the Drudge Report, it plays to a certain audience rather well.

But the site’s greatest strength lies in its sharp headlines and news-like, easy to digest style of writing along with hyperlinks that’ll let you learn more. A perfect example comes in one of their latest articles: “Bill Would Allow Texas Teachers To Kill Students” (talk about an attention-grabbing headline!) It details one Texas state representative’s attempt to pass the “Teacher’s Protection Act,” a bill that would allow teachers to use deadly force against students “in defense of the educator’s person or in defense of students.”

2) The Hipster Libertarian- Rare columnist Bonnie Kristian, self described as a “freelance writer who mainly thinks about politics, theology, and guinea pigs,” presents a logical, approachable and friendly voice to libertarian ideals through WordPress and Tumblr. Move over, Fox and Koch brothers.

A fair amount of content on her website includes quotes, links (both to her writing and other articles) and very concise commentary on recent events. However, there are also in depth posts detailing both where libertarians stand on issues and potential solutions.  Her voice humanizes perspectives someone otherwise on the left side of the political spectrum like myself would otherwise shun.

3) FiveThirtyEight– In assembling this data-driven blog, Nate Silver and a stream of dedicated contributors have combined hard facts with relevant stories. Although the blog is on ESPN, relatively well-known to sports lovers, it bravely handles the realms of politics, science, life and economics as well. It can attract audiences otherwise isolated from each other.

The website features in depth analysis. Plenty of articles, like a recent one about gender discrimination, will even spell out why it matters so the reader understands. Such well-spoken and data-driven journalism, charts and relevance have rewarded it with over 424,000 followers on Twitter. But what’s also interesting is that Nate Silver, the editor-in-chief, and other contributors aren’t strangers.  They’re listed on the main page beside the stories, and can be contacted easily.


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