The News Diet: The Diet Where You Can Cheat and Feel Good About It


A nutrition based diet, one that involves only fruits, vegetables and water, with none of the foods I like is a nightmare. A news diet that involves objective and entertaining flavors with none of the guilt is a diet worth trying.

With the advent of social media, news gets thrown at me from many directions, at any given moment. It gives me a plethora of articles and topics that I can sort through and choose what content I want and do not want. Unlike the old forms of media, my choosing abilities would be hindered; sifting through newspapers that contain content I may not even read to news shows that would only allow me to watch one show at a time.

Thanks to my Facebook and, more recently, Twitter accounts, I have a wide selection of news to choose at my controls. From objective news, such as CBS News, to satirical news, such as the Colbert Report, news is delivered in a variety of tastes.

Traditionally, news had the characteristic of being straightforward and serious. It was presented in a tone of authority and seriousness. Forget the jokes and comedic style, there was no room for that. That has all changed.

Long gone, though not exactly, are the days of hearing or reading the news in the styles mentioned in the last paragraph. This is the format I would like to see the news presented. I truly believe the news, to a point, should have a serious demeanor. You wouldn’t take a doctor seriously if he or she made a joke of a malady you may have been stricken with, would you?

Stephen Colbert, who always appeared dressed casually, in a suit like most television news reporters, but had a humorous tone. A majority of viewers knew he was sarcastic because of how he presented current events. Everyone could see through his disguise, a disguise that was not meant be taken conspicuously. Tomo News, an entertainment news organization delivers news stories through a few pictures and motion CGI.

While I did say I prefer to get the news in a serious demeanor, to a point, Tomo News is entertaining with its content. Some of its clips take on a sarcastic and humorous tone, but it still provides what a news consumer needs to know.

Now, I’ll cheat on my diet with some desert.


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