Stalking the News

Social media has taken over society. People literally devote their lives to updating their Facebook status, tweeting multiple times daily and posting images of their day on Instagram. Because people are constantly on the Internet, the Internet is constantly updated.

Traditional broadcast and print media have also taken their material to the web. News giants like CNN and The New York Times are on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. The Internet has also allowed emerging news outlets like Buzzfeed take control.

Once the news became increasingly present online, it made it hard to keep up with just watching the six o’clock news and reading this morning paper. Following news outlets via social media gets stories to the consumer instantly and makes it easier for the traditional newsgatherer to be educated on the latest happenings.

By following all different sources on news on Twitter and liking their pages on Facebook, my dashboard and newsfeed are flooded with all the latest stories. I’ve found that Twitter is updated much quicker than Facebook, so if I were to be an editor of sorts I would constantly check Twitter from my phone, laptop or tablet so I can be on top of the game and break a story as soon as I hear about it.

Knowing the ins and outs of social media is very important when trying to break a story before your competitors. Also, following different news providers can allow an editor to get different angles and bits of information from all sides of the story.


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