Social Media: Making the World Smaller — One Post At A Time


Social media can be seen by some as a weird animal, one that lurked deep in the shadows since its creation and then out of nowhere in the last 10 years, leapt out and scared all the big media forums like Newspapers and Television. 30 Years ago most would of brushed off the concept of a world that’s interconnected via wires. One were anyone can connect to anywhere via a small box in your home or a phone in your hands, but today that concept is seen as common place, and truth be told it dominates everyday life, the internet and social media are impossible to ignore in the modern era, and mastering this tool is vital to having a leg up in the competition when it comes to journalistic work.

Unlike with conventional media outlets, such as television and newspapers social media allows me as the content provider to reach out and get easy contact with my readers, peers, and other professionals in the industry. Instead of having to deal with letters, that can take weeks to arrive, my readers can leaves their thoughts, comments, and opinions right on my post in real time. Social media also allows me to easily get information as to what’s popular today, and not what’s popular last week or even a year ago. If it weren’t for social media and the power of the Internet, things like #leftshark and #toomuchwater wouldn’t be a thing. Social media also allows me to easily locate and look at all posts that have already been made on the subject with twitters use of hastags or #. Social media also allows my readers to re-blog or repost my work, allowing my words to spread farther and reach even more potential readers.

Screen Shot 2015-02-05 at 1.58.58 PM

Photo taken of @Michigandmurray account 

Places like twitter are not only useful for finding out what’s popular and what’s trending, it’s useful for also finding out what’s going on in the world. Going back to September 11th 2011, I was in the second grade, when news hit that a plane struck the twin towers. I remember not being told anything, and that I had to wait to find out anything when the news ran the information later that day when I got home. In this modern world, were everyone is connected through twitter, and other sites like Facebook that isn’t going to happen. When something happens, everyone knows about it almost immediately. On a more recent note the Boston Marathon Bombing on April 15th 2013 was all over social media, I remember being out with friends on the other side of Boston at the time, and then all of our phones got 100’s of notifications from Facebook and Twitter at the same time. We what was going on as it was still happening, which is why social media can be used as a great tool, and can be more effective then old style media outlets when it comes to news consumption.

Overall, though the use of social media I have better access to my readers, peers, other professionals as well as a helpful tool to helping get my words out there more quickly and more efficiently, and hey social media isn’t all serious business along the way I could take a quiz or two on Facebook or just socialize with friends. The uses for social media are almost limitless, and can be a great tool when used properly.


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