Arts and Culture blogs

Three cool blogs to checkout if you like reading the art and culture beat.

By: Krysten Massa

1) Thompson on Hollywood.

This is a blog run through Indiewire that focuses on movies. Anne Thompson runs this particular blog .

This blog plays to its strength because it is a little different from other movie blogs. Blogging about movies and Hollywood actors is something that is fairly common, so in order to have a successful blog there needs to be something that makes it stand out. This blog has a lot of content.  I like that is talks about more main stream movies that everyone will know about, like American Sniper, but then also goes into talking about screenwriters and the Sundance festival. One of the recent stories I read on the blog was titled Inside the Academy Nominees Lunch, from Clint Eastwood to Emma Stone.  I like this story, for example, because it is written in first-person and talks about her experience at a luncheon with the celebrities.

This blog allows viewers to share on social media, gives them the option to leave a comment and “join the conversation” and also connects stories by offering a “related to” option. Throughout the posts there are also photos and videos.


2) ArtsBeat

This blog is one of the New York Times’s blogs.I like to look at this blog because I cover the arts beat for The Statesman and looking at the NYT arts stories is good inspiration.

ArtsBeat is cool because it is a specific place to focus only on the arts stories. There is also a search bar at the top of the page so viewers can search for what they are specifically interested in.

This blog allows viewers to share stories on social media and also to comment on the stories. On the side you can see recent posts as well.


3) Pitchfork

This blog is designated specifically to music and music news. One of the site’s strengths is that it has a lot of content ranging from reviews, to news, to features.

The blog plays to its strengths by posting a lot of stories constantly under those specific categories. They also post a lot of videos in their stories. Today (as I am writing this) it is 11:38 am and they have already posted 10 stories.

This blog builds a community because a lot of people are interested in music and music news. They tag their stories so that when people do searches the stories will pop up. On the side they also list the most read news. This is good because viewers will see what is popular or interesting with other viewers by clicking on those stories. At the bottom of the articles they list a “related” section with stories related to the one just viewed, a “latest” section with the latest stories and then a “trending” section. I like to go to this site to find interesting news and they almost always have videos along with them.


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