A Little Mix of It All

Fitness is definitely one of my biggest priorities in life, so any tips and advice are always helpful. In this particular blog the blogger goes beyond that. She gives fitness advice, healthy food recipes as well as nutritional facts. I would say the biggest strength here would be the depth because of how much information is provided. Step by step tutorials are also provided. Which I have learned is a lot better because it leaves less confusion. You are able to share the blogs via other social media sites such as Instagram, FaceBook and Twitter.

I usually get my new through NPR radio, as I am a radio producer, so following their blog posts will be very helpful for the times I cannot listen on the radio. Through the blog it can direct you to the main website. The only downfall is that through the blog you cannot get the full reported story, there is only a headline and a quick sentence brief. This can also be a tactic to get a reader to go to their main site giving them a higher page review. As for their biggest strength I’d narrow it down to the immediacy. They are up to date on all occurring news stories. National and international. There are links provided that lead you to the main NPR website, as well as an email link that allows you to email the blog entry to any one you prefer.

This may not be your typical news blog but for some women it is a helpful source to their everyday life. Within you will find a mix of it all and I find that to be its biggest strength. The blog has a variety of topics, whether it being makeup tips and tricks, quick hair tricks for the “woman on the go” or simply the newest fashion trend. Targeting a specific audience is the key here. For some busy women we just don’t have the time to search all day for the newest looks for the season or beauty hacks to make your usually 90 minute process to a quick 15-30 minutes (yes for women 30 minutes is quick). The blog also includes actual video and photo tutorials. Giving the reader a visual because sometimes reading the tutorial can leave you from a “natural look” to resembling BoZo the clown.


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