No Holds Blogged

By Jimin Kim 

1. The biggest strength of the blog, “Cub Swanson and Frankie Edgar: Marvelous Madness vs. Clinical Method,” is in the writer’s style. Jack Slack, the writer, analyzes the fighting strategies of two mixed martial artists, Frankie Edgar and Cub Swanson, in a way that’s digestible and interesting to the casual reader or non-mixed martial arts fan. Rather than bogging down the blog with heavy technical jargon, Slack describes each position through clear descriptions and humorous anecdotes. For instance, when describing a poor tendency in Edgar’s movement, he describes the action through Edgar’s first person point of view in the heat of the fight.

The quote reads, “Circle left, circle right, oh goodness—he’s keeping up, charge!”

Thus, his broad understanding of the technical aspects of martial arts allows him to convey techniques in an engaging way. Slack’s blog, which is hosted by under Vice Media, builds a sense of community through its wide options of sharing the story on social media, having an active comment box, as well as links to the writer’s related stories.

2. The greatest attribute of the blog, “How to Improve your Roundhouse Kick,” by Muay Thai Analyst is its deep analysis. The blog offers martial arts practitioners an extremely in-depth guide on how to improve their kick. It covers the fine details of accomplishing this technique including balance, hip rotation and follow through. It incorporates GIFs to show examples of martial arts champions throwing a perfect roundhouse kick. Not only do these GIFs entertain the reader, they also validate the blog because each GIF is an example of the writer’s advice on display.

The blog creates a sense of community through options of sharing the blog on different social media outlets. The writer also encourages readers to post a video of them throwing a kick in the comment box so that the writer can offer advice on how to improve their technique.

 3. The greatest asset of the blog, “UFC on Fox 14 Judo Chop: Anthony ‘Rumble’ Johnson, Striking Without Stance,” is its immediacy.

The blog analyzes the fighting techniques of a mixed martial arts fighter, Anthony Johnson. The blogger, Connor Ruebusch, assessed the fighting tactics of Johnson in the span of a few hours following his big victory. In doing so, he satisfied the curiosity of fans who saw the event and were left wondering how Johnson was able to knock his opponent out so quickly.

The fast turnaround time of the blog made it very relevant. But, at the same time, the blog didn’t read like it was rushed.

The blogger builds a sense of community by adding at the bottom of the post a link to a separate podcast he records regarding fight analysis. He also engages his readers by diligently replying back to their comments and presenting options to share the blog on social media.


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