Science Blogs: Accepted Science and the Abnormal


American Meteorological Society

The AMS, “promotes the development and dissemination of information and education on the atmospheric and related oceanic and hydrologic sciences,” as stated on their website.  The society focus on weather and deliver its information and findings in a professional and objective manner, most of which come from researchers. Instead of having their blog posts on the Feedly site, only a link is seen. Clicking on the “visit website” tab takes the reader to the AMS’ journals online page. Content is provided every week and entries are short and to the point.

TornadoVideos.Net is a blog mainly on tornadoes and at times mentions other violent weather. Their content is provided in an action-packed presentation so it’s not meant to be objective, but more sensationalist. Most of their blogs consist of videos of storm chases and a short article as to a chase or topic at hand. Users should not expect to see content anytime soon as the last blog entry was posted on Sept. 30, 2013. Clicking on the “visit webpage” tab will only result in an error message. Though it may have been a while since its last entry, the content currently has is enough for a storm chasing enthusiast to fill their appetite. All their videos and blogs are now posted on their new website, TVNweather.

Real UFOs

More on the mysterious side, Real UFOs is a show-and-tell blog. This blog can be considered documentative as its entries are YouTube videos posted by various people depicting what may be UFO sightings. There are small blurbs on each stating what the viewer will witness in the video. While the site allows for comments, some videos have a few comments, but in order to see a wider range of comments requires clicking on the video to arrive on YouTube and read more comments posted by YouTube users. Videos shared are not on the frequent side as blog entries range from consecutive days to a few weeks in between.


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