Three Useful Photography Blogs

1. The Big Picture

This is the photo blog of The Boston Globe, managed by three photo editors who work at the publication. The blog is essentially a compilation of photos from publications such as the Associated Press, Reuters and Getty Images. The main strength of this blog, without a doubt, is the photography. The visually stimulating photos display much talent in the people behind the lenses while also doing the job of storytelling.

Each blog entry begins with a brief intro of an event, followed by a photo gallery. Whether a reader is seeking global news or interesting photos, The Big Picture won’t disappoint.

The blog is updated on a regular basis–every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Consistency is another one of its main strengths, and readers can expect an incorporation of news from all over the world.

2. Proof

Proof is the photography blog of National Geographic. It is managed by photographers and editors of the world-famous magazine and is used as a “behind-the-scenes look” at the visual storytelling aspect of reporting.

Similar to The Big Picture’s approach, Proof is made up of photos all across the web. Proof proves to be consistent as well, as it updates just about every day, sometimes more than once a day.

3. Digital Photography School

This blog is run by a man named Darren Rowse who posts helpful tips about anything related to digital cameras and photography. He describes his website as a “learning environment” where he expresses his take on the photography world. The blog is updated regularly, though the dates aren’t listed immediately underneath post titles.


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