Three Fashion Blogs to Follow

1. Fashionista

This blog is updated at least once a day, with posts about celebrity red carpet looks, casual looks, TV show fashion, and runway looks.  The sections include, business, style, career, shopping, beauty, news, editors’ picks and fashion week.  By covering a large range of topics, all under the fashion umbrella, readers interested in fashion have many different options to follow, all under one blog.  The blog has links to their FaceBook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and Tumblr pages, which allow readers even more interaction with the blog, and the writers of the blog.  There is a Meet the Editors page, as well as links to sign up for the blog’s newsletter.  Inside each blog, are embedded Instagram posts, relevant to the blog, and links that connect readers to previous blog posts.

2. Popsugar

There are several different sections this blog covers, including, celebrity, fashion, beauty, fitness, entertainment, love, food, living and moms.  The blog includes links to advertising on Popsugar, jobs and press.  Popsugar also has charts that show the average age, income, gender, pageviews and unique visitors the blog receives, from a survey from Sept. 2012.  The fashion section of this blog includes celebrity fashion, jewelry, and retail store finds.  In each blog post, links are embedded that bring readers to other blog posts or online clothing websites.

3. Because I’m Addicted

This blog has five different sections, which strengthens the blog.  The sections are fashion, recipes, decor, do-it-yourself and art and photography.  The writers post two or three blogs every couple of days.  On every post, there are links to FaceBook, Twitter and Pinterest, so the reader can post the link to that blog to their social media sites.  Under fashion, the subcategories are, outfit inspiration, editorial, lookbooks, street and personal style, runway, beauty and shop.  The fashion section is photography-based, with small captions advising the readers how to change up their wardrobe.



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