Three Blogs, Three Interests

  1. Feministing
    1. Strengths and how they play on them: Immediacy (several contributors keep up steady stream of posts throughout the day; as many as four posts in one day from various sources), analysis (covers several bases from speaking out against sexism to black people taking stands in racist neighborhoods)
    2. Community: Reaches out to the layman using other sources like YouTube videos and Tumblr blogs to relate to various audiences; provides “Daily Feminist Cheat Sheets” which lists topical sources in short bursts which can be further accessed for more depth.
  2. Destructoid
    1. Strengths: Immediacy (almost-hourly posts throughout one day), depth (posts range from casual entries about a fun gaming-related video purely for entertainment to news updates of various figureheads in the industry)
    2. Community: includes blog entries from individual users that act almost as editorial posts, each with a sizeable amount of comments that both guests and registered users can access and participate in.
  3. Freedom to Marry
    1. Strengths: Immediacy (Twitter sidebar allows for instant updates on the state of gay marriage in various US territories) Analysis (branches out to several issues regarding gay marriage from Presidential statements to ongoing state legislation debates)
    2. Community: People are able to comment through Facebook on any article.

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