All about the Arts (and some news too!)

1. Leaf and Twig 

This blog posts short poems about different qualities or structures found in nature. The poems are short, but creative and stylistically pleasing. I would say that the strong suit of this blog is consistency. The owner(s) post a poem per day and each post is unique. Also, the blogs style is simple and easy to navigate and each poem is accompanied by a photo, which makes it pleasing to the eye and draws the reader into the posts. They connect to their audience by adding an email subscription sign up button to the side bar and selling prints of the writer’s photos.

2. Broad Street 

This is a blog site for a magazine that features “true stories told in many different ways.” They are more of a literary and art magazine than a news outlet, but their content is entertaining and appealing. Broad Street puts out an issue once a month and allows their audience options on purchasing subscriptions to the magazine as well as allowing for submissions and comments to be left by viewers. The style of this magazine is unique in that it mixes artistic qualities (like art pieces and poetry) along with true stories from real people and interviews and profiles of poets and artists.

3. NotTheWorstNews

This blog is not quite satirical, but it does put an interesting spin on the news. The writers on this site post daily and actually keep up with interesting news stories, but add a bit of humor on them. In terms of consistency, they vary between topics. For example, the “politics” section of this blog hasn’t been updated in a couple of months. They communicate with their readership through social media. The blog lists their Twitter and Facebook links on the sidebar, as well as email subscription signups and commentary and criticism they have gotten by fellow readers. They link and reference to other news outlets as well, which helps them keep up with current events.


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